TECHNOCAN S.A specializes in manufacturing metal and plastic packaging manufacturing as well as in providing printing services to the can making industry.

Technocan was founded in 1977 from Georgio Gianni and is located in Mandra Attika, a west suburb of Athens, Greece. The company’s facilities cover an area of 40.000 m2and are used for production, technical services and support as well as for warehousing and administration.

All of the necessary production processes are performed in-house by using latest technology machinery:

  •  The Printing department is equipped with 4 printing lines, including a 7-tower UV printing line, which guarantee excellent printing quality, with clear and bright colours. Our Prepress department and its Computer-To-Plate equipment, ensure that every artwork is exposed directly from the computer to the printing plates and will be printed with the highest possible resolution.
  •  The End-making department produces ends and components by using automatic presses and forming lines.
  •  The Can-making department is equipped with 10 fully automatic production lines which are cutting, shaping, assembling and packaging the tin cans. Every production line is equipped with automatic monitors and leak testing machines, which are constantly testing in-line the tightness and quality of each produced can.
  •  The Quality Control department is capable of making all the necessary controls and is providing the company with essential information in order to constantly improve the quality of its products.


We are confident that this highest level of product quality, combined with our attentive customer service, can form the basis for a profitable, reliable collaboration, which will provide you with the best solution for your product packaging needs.